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Our Story

Founders of Bring Joy to Your Door ~ Sharon Wilson,

Sheryl Goodwin Magiera & Karen Cowperthwaite

The three of us originally came together for a Mastermind group in 2016 where we shared our dreams, goals and challenges. After supporting each other and witnessing our individual growth, we realized there was a special sisterhood waiting for us to share our hearts, strengths, and super powers together. We felt there was a need to serve those seeking personal growth, development opportunities, and connection with themselves and like-hearted women. Out of this need, Own Your Joy workshops and Crazy Blessed weekend retreats were born and this year we felt it was the perfect time to launch something new.

Early in 2020, we attended a spiritual weekend retreat together and by the end of the weekend, an inspiring idea came forward to serve our community in a new and exciting way! The need for joyful connection is even greater now, given our current landscape. You may know us as the Own Your Joy coaches, or maybe you are new to our Sisterhood; either way we are so glad you are here! Welcome to Bring Joy to Your Door!

Please reach out if we can answer any questions or if you have a suggestion for our monthly themes at or 224-633-9244.

Are you are a creative entrepreneur?If you make or sell a product that would be a perfect match for Bring Joy to your Door's mission, please contact us! We love to showcase and support our creative community!